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50 Cent’s Team Clarifies Photo Controversy: No Disrespect to Ciara


Recently, 50 Cent faced a social media controversy surrounding his album Curtis, which marked its 16th anniversary. The rapper-turned-mogul shared images from the album’s cover shoot on his Instagram, celebrating the milestone. However, some fans misconstrued the photos, assuming that one of the women featured was his ex-girlfriend, Ciara, and accused him of disrespecting her and her husband, Russell Wilson.

Despite the dating timeline that coincided with the album’s release (2007), 50 Cent never mentioned Ciara in his Instagram post. His representatives, keen to clarify the situation, addressed the misunderstanding. Amanda Ruisi, spokesperson for 50 Cent, released a statement to TooFab, stating that the album cover featured two different models, neither of whom was Ciara.

This statement aims to set the record straight and put to rest any misconceptions surrounding the Instagram post. It reaffirms that 50 Cent’s intention was not to disrespect Ciara or Russell Wilson.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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