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Actress Nia Long Seeks Full Custody of Son Amidst Legal Battle with Ime Udoka


Last year, actress Nia Long found herself facing a difficult chapter as her life-partner, Ime Udoka, was dismissed from his head coaching role with the Boston Celtics due to an affair with a married subordinate. Now, as they navigate the aftermath of their separation, Nia Long has taken a significant step by seeking full custody of their shared son.

Legal documents recently obtained by The Blast reveal that Nia Long is pursuing sole physical and legal custody of their child, Kez, through a petition filed in the Los Angeles County Court. While the former couple was never married, the legal case, represented by celebrity attorney Samantha Spector, aims to establish a parental relationship in terms of custody arrangements.

The ‘Friday’ actress has also requested that the court order Udoka to have visitation rights. Additionally, Nia Long is seeking for Ime Udoka to cover all attorney fees associated with the case. This initial move indicates the beginning of what could potentially evolve into a more complex custody battle, likely involving discussions about child support as well.

As Nia Long and Ime Udoka navigate the complexities of their personal lives and co-parenting responsibilities, Udoka has not yet responded to the legal filing. This legal development underscores the challenges that many families face when their personal circumstances undergo significant changes.

The unfolding legal proceedings will shed light on the evolving dynamics between Nia Long and Ime Udoka, reflecting a broader reality many families confront when relationships shift. The outcome of this case will impact not only the lives of the involved parties but also serves as a reminder of the importance of clear legal frameworks in matters of custody and co-parenting.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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