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Adam22 Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Asian Doll on OnlyFans


Popular podcaster and content creator Adam22 has openly expressed his desire to collaborate with rapper Asian Doll on her recently launched OnlyFans account.

Asian Doll, hailing from Dallas, made headlines this week with the announcement of her OnlyFans page. In a post on social media, she revealed that the platform offered her a substantial sum of $500,000 for signing up, in addition to being associated with a billionaire. She further stated that her pockets were so full that she no longer needed to rely on performing live shows.

On her social media, she shared the news, stating, “Lmaoooo, OnlyFans gave me $500,000 just to sign up. Not to mention, I’m literally signed to a billionaire. Stop watching my pockets. They so full [I don’t] even gotta do shows no more. That was the goal.”

Another post by Asian Doll hinted at the launch of her content on OnlyFans, scheduled for 7:30 PM. Adam22 took this opportunity to show his interest in collaborating with her. He left a comment under her post, saying, “Let me get a feature 😍.”

Adam22, the creator of the No Jumper podcast, has been active in various creative and entrepreneurial ventures. Recently, he showed his support for his wife Lena the Plug’s decision to film her first scene with adult star Jason Luv. He openly shared his thoughts on social media, highlighting that while he initially experienced some jealousy, he recognized that it was not a significant issue. He mentioned that his wife had supported him in his endeavors with hundreds of other girls, and he felt that her choice was beneficial for both her career and their business, referring to their show @plugtalkshow.

The statement by Adam22 indicates his potential interest in working alongside Asian Doll on her OnlyFans platform, showcasing a trend of mainstream figures exploring collaborations within the adult content industry.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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