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Angela Simmons Faces $48,704.40 Default Judgment Over Unpaid Rent


Angela Simmons, a notable figure in the world of hip-hop and daughter of Rev. Run of Run-D.M.C., finds herself entangled in a legal dispute over unpaid rent. Recently, a judge delivered a $48,704.40 default judgment against her for allegedly abandoning her penthouse without settling her rent obligations.

Court documents obtained by TMZ Hip Hop reveal that Angela Simmons had rented a penthouse in the Pembroke at Fort Lee Coop in Randolph, New Jersey back in October 2019. As time passed, her landlord asserted that she had accrued substantial late fees due to her failure to make full rent payments, especially in late 2020. Over time, the unpaid rent and additional charges amounted to over $50,000.

What makes this case particularly intriguing is that Angela Simmons did not respond to the complaint, leading the court to issue a default judgment against her for $48,704.40. This sum includes late fees, unpaid rent, repair costs, and other related expenses.

It’s worth noting that shortly after the judgment was issued, Angela Simmons intensified her promotional efforts for her cake company, sparking curiosity about her financial motivations.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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