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Artist Hajime Sorayama Calls Out Beyoncé Over Alleged Unauthorized Use of Artwork for “Renaissance” Tour


Famed artist Hajime Sorayama has taken to social media to call out Beyoncé, suggesting that visuals from her “Renaissance” tour may have been inspired by his artwork without proper permission.

Sorayama posted a comparison on his official social media account, showcasing side-by-side images of his original artwork alongside visuals from Beyoncé’s tour. In his post, Sorayama addresses Beyoncé directly, saying, “Yo @beyonce You should have asked me ‘officially’ so that I could make much better work for you as like my man @theweeknd.”

During Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour, many fans and observers assumed that the visuals were inspired by Sorayama’s distinctive style. However, Sorayama’s recent post suggests that he was not officially approached or granted permission for the usage.

The artist’s mention of The Weeknd in his post refers to their previous collaboration on concert artwork, indicating that he could have contributed similarly creative work for Beyoncé had she sought permission.

It remains unclear whether Sorayama intends to pursue legal action or is simply expressing dissatisfaction with the alleged lack of acknowledgment. As of now, Beyoncé has not publicly responded to Sorayama’s claims, leaving the situation open for further developments. Stay tuned for updates on this emerging artistic dispute.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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