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Ashanti Surprises Nelly with Custom 1962 Impala for His Birthday


Ashanti, known for her thoughtful gift-giving, surprised her boyfriend, Nelly, with a custom 1962 Impala for his 49th birthday. Celebrity car broker Ronnie Garber shared the exclusive details, explaining that DJ Envy had reached out to him on Ashanti’s behalf to find a specific ride as a birthday gift for Nelly, which needed to be in Atlanta by Halloween night.

The custom 1962 Impala convertible, in candy apple blue, features a Corvette LS motor and a sound system adorned with Nelly’s logo. Ashanti presented Nelly with the car at his army-themed birthday bash, unveiling the surprise after he was presented with a cake onstage.

Nelly was not only thrilled but also emotional, as he shared that the Impala was his dream car from childhood, making it the best gift ever in his eyes. The custom car was reported to have cost Ashanti well over $100,000, but it was undoubtedly worth it.

This heartwarming gift came after Ashanti and Nelly reignited their relationship earlier in the year, frequently spotted together and even enjoying moments like jamming out to Usher’s “Nice & Slow,” possibly symbolizing the pace of their rekindled romance.

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