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Beyoncé’s Tour Rider Reveals Surprising Request: Toilet Seats on the Go!


Global superstar Beyoncé has raised eyebrows with an unusual addition to her tour rider. As she travels the world on her Renaissance tour, the Crazy In Love singer has made sure to have a specific item at her disposal – her own custom-made toilet seats! The 41-year-old diva has demanded that these special toilet seats be added to her tour rider, ensuring that she never has to use public facilities during her performances.

Sources close to the singer revealed that Beyoncé’s team goes to great lengths to ensure her comfort and happiness while on tour, and her request for personal toilet seats is certainly an intriguing one. A backstage picture captured a container labeled “Beyoncé toilet seats,” highlighting the singer’s unique travel requirement.

While some may find the request eccentric, Beyoncé’s elite status as a performer affords her the luxury of making such demands. Her team ensures that her needs are met, and the custom-made toilet seats travel with her in a specially designed golf buggy, covered in black sheets to maintain her privacy and protect her bizarre request backstage.

Aside from this peculiar addition to her tour rider, Beyoncé has been making headlines for her performances during the Renaissance tour. However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, as recent reports indicate that the singer omitted Lizzo’s name from the lyrics of her remixed version of “Break My Soul.” This move came amidst sexual harassment allegations made by three former dancers against Lizzo.

Beyoncé has been performing “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)” on her tour, where she acknowledges and celebrates boundary-breaking Black female artists. In the original lyrics, she mentions Lizzo alongside other iconic names. However, during her recent performance in Boston, Massachusetts, Beyoncé intentionally replaced Lizzo’s name with Erykah Badu’s, leaving the audience and fans speculating about the decision.

Despite the controversy, Beyoncé remains a powerhouse in the music industry, and her talents continue to captivate audiences worldwide. As her Renaissance tour
unfolds, fans eagerly await her next moves and marvel at the superstar’s unique demands that are kept hidden backstage.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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