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Biz Markie’s Ex-Manager Accused of Unauthorized Instagram Control


In the wake of Biz Markie’s passing in July 2021, his widow, Tara Hall, has been diligently managing the late Hip-Hop legend’s affairs to preserve his legacy. However, a concerning issue has emerged as Biz Markie’s former manager appears to be holding his Instagram account “hostage,” preventing Hall from overseeing his digital presence. In response to this situation, Hall is seeking the support of Biz Markie’s fans to regain control of the account by using the hashtag #SaveBizMarkiesIG.

Hall expressed her distress in an Instagram post, explaining that the late rapper’s Instagram was a meaningful space where he connected with his fans, and she wants to ensure his memory is respected and honored. She urged the Hip-Hop community to join forces in raising awareness about the situation and preserving Biz Markie’s digital legacy as a place of love, positivity, and remembrance.

The post encouraged fans to share fond memories, photos, and messages about Biz Markie while tagging @just.a.friend.foundation to keep his memory alive. Despite the challenges, Hall expressed gratitude for the support from the Instagram community and the wider Hip-Hop family during this difficult time.

Biz Markie’s widow has also been promoting his new documentary, “All Up In The Biz,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film, directed by Sacha Jenkins, utilizes animation, interviews, and reenactments to tell Biz Markie’s story, featuring appearances from Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Fat Joe, Nick Cannon, and Doug E. Fresh, among others. However, some key figures from Biz’s life, like Roxanne Shant√© and COOL V, were noticeably absent from the documentary.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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