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Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller Faces Felony Assault Allegations: Disturbing Details Emerge


Buffalo Bills star Von Miller is under intense scrutiny after being accused of engaging in a violent altercation with a pregnant woman. The unsettling incident reportedly took place in Miller’s Dallas-area apartment, resulting in a felony warrant of arrest issued for the NFL player.

According to documents obtained by TMZ Sports, the confrontation began over weekend travel plans. The argument escalated when Miller, visibly angry, confronted the woman after she left the bedroom and entered the home’s office, slamming the door behind her. Authorities state that Miller demanded her departure, turning physically aggressive when she expressed the intention to retrieve personal items.

Allegedly, Miller repeatedly shoved and pushed the woman, who vocalized her pregnancy during the altercation. The situation escalated when Miller, after tossing the woman’s laptop to the ground and stomping on it, physically assaulted her further. The victim reported that Miller pulled her hair, causing her to fall, and applied pressure to her neck, causing pain but not restricting her breathing. Miller allegedly continued the assault by pushing her onto a couch and placing pressure on her neck with both hands.

Upon police arrival, the woman, six weeks pregnant, exhibited visible injuries, including abrasions on her left hand, bruising on her neck, abdomen, and left bicep. Miller, a DeSoto, Texas native, is now wanted on a felony charge of assault on a pregnant person.

At 34, Miller joined the Buffalo Bills in 2022 after successful stints with the Denver Broncos and L.A. Rams. Despite a promising start with his new team, his performance has waned this season, partially due to returning from an ACL injury. As the Bills enter their bye week, Miller’s future remains uncertain amid these serious allegations.

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