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Cardi B Takes Legal Action Against Company Using AI to Misuse Her Voice in Dubious Stimulus Program Ads


Cardi B is gearing up for a legal battle against a company that utilized artificial intelligence to feature her voice in an advertisement promoting a questionable “stimulus-style program.” The controversial ad, which has been circulating online, suggests Cardi B is endorsing the program, promising significant amounts of money for free from the government to help Americans recover.

In the short video clip, a voice remarkably similar to the Grammy-winning artist can be heard encouraging viewers to sign up for the program, claiming it aims to assist Americans in getting back on their feet. The alleged benefits include receiving a reloadable “health spending card” after opting in.

However, internet users quickly caught on to the fact that the voice in the ad does not actually belong to Cardi B. One individual shared the video on social media, expressing skepticism about the authenticity of the content.

Cardi B promptly responded to the circulating ad, expressing her intent to pursue legal action against the company responsible for misusing her likeness without permission. In a social media post, she remarked on the prevalence of artificial intelligence, labeling it as “crazy” and indicating that this unexpected lawsuit presents another opportunity for her to secure what she referred to as “easy money.”

It appears that Cardi B isn’t the only celebrity affected by this company’s unauthorized use of AI-generated voices. Reports suggest that a similar ad featuring a synthetic version of rapper Sexyy Red’s voice has also surfaced, prompting speculation that the company may be using this technique with multiple artists.

As Cardi B mobilizes her legal team, it remains to be seen how this case will unfold and whether other celebrities will follow suit in taking action against the company for the misuse of their voices in these dubious advertisements.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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