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In a recent interview with Carlos King, rapper and entertainer Lil Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Richardson III, opened up about his challenging childhood and growing up under the care of his mother, the reality TV personality Momma Dee. Scrappy shared shocking details of his upbringing, shedding light on his experiences as his mother reportedly worked as a pimp.

During the interview, Scrappy candidly discussed how his family home was deeply intertwined with his mother’s profession. He explained that their house served as a hub for her activities, describing it as a “trap house.” Even as a young boy, he was fully aware of what was happening around him. Scrappy recalled witnessing people coming and going, and the presence of sex workers in their home.

Scrappy revealed the extent of his involvement, saying, “Hes had to fck n*ggas in my room, you know what I’m saying, and in my sister’s room, so we had to sleep with my mama.” He went on to describe how their home would undergo a transformation every weekend. Scrappy explained that once the school week ended, the rooms were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with fresh sheets and covers. This cycle became a regular occurrence in his life.

In addition to the prostitution that took place within their home, Scrappy also discussed the prevalence of drug abuse in his environment while growing up. He shared how he would come across straws and paraphernalia used for drug consumption throughout the house, highlighting the desperate measures some individuals took to use substances.

Scrappy also revealed that he developed a unique bond with the people who were involved in drug use within his home, viewing them as his family because they cooked and cleaned for him. He admitted that he would engage in conversations with them daily, but once they reached a certain level of intoxication, he would quietly leave the house.

When asked about his own involvement with drugs, Scrappy disclosed that he began selling drugs as a teenager and had been smoking weed since the age of 12. While his mother introduced him to alcohol at a young age, he maintained that he was never deeply into it but had developed a long-lasting affinity for marijuana.

Lil Scrappy’s revelations provide a sobering look into his tumultuous upbringing and the challenging environment he navigated during his formative years.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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