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Controversy Surrounds Doja Cat’s Boyfriend Over Allegedly Racist Video


Last month, Doja Cat made headlines when she announced that she was dating social media personality J Cyrus. However, the news has been met with criticism as J Cyrus has been accused of having a problematic history, including allegations of manipulation and emotional abuse within his Twitch team and community.

Recently, a video of J Cyrus surfaced, in which he appears to be mocking Black women, sparking outrage among Doja Cat’s Black woman fan base. The Louisiana social media star gained popularity on the now-defunct video app Vine, amassing a million followers through comedy characters, freestyle raps, and collaborations with other Viners.

While J Cyrus has achieved some fame on Twitch, primarily for trolling videos, his actions and alleged behavior have led to serious backlash from fans, especially considering Doja Cat’s significant presence in the music industry.

The situation has put the spotlight on issues of racism and accountability in the social media sphere, and Doja Cat’s association with J Cyrus has further fueled the debate. As the video continues to circulate and gain attention, fans are expressing their concerns over Doja Cat’s choice of partner and demanding accountability from both individuals involved.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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