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Daymond John Obtains Restraining Order Against Former Shark Tank Contestants Amid Business Dispute


Renowned Shark Tank investor, Daymond John, has been granted a restraining order against former contestants Al ‘Bubba’ Baker, his wife Sabrina, and daughter Brittani, following a heated business dispute that emerged after their appearance on the show in 2014.

The conflict began after John offered to invest $300,000 for a 30 percent stake in the Bakers’ boneless ribs business, Bubba’s Q, during the show’s fifth season. However, financial difficulties and disagreements arose, leading the Bakers to claim that John misled them and, along with his partners, attempted to take over their business.

The situation escalated when the Bakers took to social media to criticize John and his partners, sparking further legal action. In response to the defamatory statements made against him and the meat manufacturer Rastelli Foods Group, John filed for a restraining order and a preliminary injunction.

Federal Judge Robert Kugler made the preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order permanent, preventing the Bakers from speaking about John and Rastelli Foods Group online. They are also required to take down existing statements.

In his order, Judge Kugler expressed concern that the Bakers’ negative posts could harm John’s reputation and goodwill. He highlighted that the family’s actions appeared driven by animosity rather than a genuine pursuit of resolution.

Both Daymond John and Rastelli Foods Group welcomed the judge’s decision, with John describing it as a “moment of vindication.” Despite the challenges faced during the dispute, John remains committed to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs worldwide.

The once-promising relationship between Daymond John and the Bakers has now reached a contentious point, leaving both parties to navigate the aftermath of their business dealings on Shark Tank.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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