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Erica Mena Breaks Silence on Love & Hip Hop Controversy Ahead of Racism Roundtable


Reality star Erica Mena is finally breaking her silence on the tumultuous events that unfolded in her life this summer, leading to her departure from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Mena lost her role on the show after using derogatory language towards fellow cast member Spice, igniting a fierce debate about the intention and implications of her words.

The controversy erupted when Mena referred to Jamaican artist Spice as a “monkey” during an episode of the show. This choice of words immediately sparked backlash for both Mena and MTV, which subsequently severed ties with the reality star.

The incident prompted intense discussions on social media, with opinions divided over whether Mena’s language carried racist intent. Some argued that such language is not uncommon in interactions between Caribbean women, while others condemned her for using racially charged words, especially as she is raising Black children.

The conversation surrounding this controversy is expected to take center stage during the upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on September 26. The show’s official account confirmed the airing of a roundtable discussion on racism, featuring international colorism expert Dr. Sarah L. Webb and cast members Spice, Yandy, Joc, Scrappy, Sierra, Amy, and Rasheeda. This episode will delve into the events that transpired on the show before MTV decided to halt filming with Erica Mena.

However, the absence of Erica Mena from this conversation has left many fans questioning its relevance. Mena has taken to her own platform to criticize MTV producers for not immediately terminating her contract if they found her words so objectionable.

She highlighted the timeline of events, noting that she was still working on Love & Hip Hop on August 25, 2023, just three days before the controversial episode aired on August 29. Mena even claimed that she was asked to shoot a scene on August 28, raising questions about the timing of her dismissal.

The ongoing debate revolves around whether Mena should have been let go earlier in the wake of the Spice controversy or if she deserves a place back on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. As discussions unfold, opinions on the matter continue to vary among fans and viewers of the show.

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