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Evelyn Lozada Ends Engagement with ‘Queen’s Court’ Contestant Lavon Lewis: A Quick Love Story


Reality TV star Evelyn Lozada has called off her engagement to Lavon Lewis, a contestant from the show “Queen’s Court”. The “Basketball Wives” cast member cited the rapid progression of their relationship and resurfaced trauma from her previous marriage to NFL star Chad Ochocinco as the reasons behind their decision.

Earlier this year, Evelyn Lozada, 47, accepted a proposal from Lavon Lewis, 42, on the Peacock series “Queen’s Court.” Their engagement came as a surprise to Lozada, as Lewis popped the question after becoming a finalist on the show. However, the whirlwind nature of their newfound love ultimately led to the end of their relationship.

Lozada explained the challenges that arose from the speed of their engagement and the long-distance aspect of their relationship. She emphasized that the rapid progression of their love affair began to create a disconnect, especially considering the distance between their respective locations, with Lewis residing in Atlanta. Lozada shared during an interview: “Things went so fast. Six months later we were engaged, and I just felt a little bit of a disconnect. And the distance he lives in Atlanta, that was another thing that was really, really difficult”.

She continued to explain the impact of the wedding planning process on her mental state. Lozada revealed that many unresolved issues stemming from her previous marriage to Chad Ochocinco resurfaced, causing anxiety. Her marriage to Ochocinco was notably brief, with the couple divorcing just two months after their July 2012 wedding due to a domestic violence incident.

Regarding how her previous marriage affected her relationship with Lewis, Lozada stated: “When I was married before, I was a newlywed and a divorcée at the same time. I divorced 42 days later. So, I didn’t know that I was going to have anxiety about getting married again. I feel like it’s deep-rooted. I feel, like, definitely connected to that incident, that marriage, which I’ve done therapy for. But now, it’s kind of like I’m digging this back up, the whole wedding. And that was hard. It was a difficult time for me. I got married on the 4th of July, and by the time August came, I was already filing for divorce”.

Lozada also mentioned that the short duration of their participation on “Queen’s Court,” which filmed for only 6 weeks, made it challenging for her to fully get to know Lewis before their engagement. This aspect might have contributed to the breakup of other couples who emerged from the show, like Tamar Braxton and her fiancé Jeremy ‘J.R.’ Robinson, who recently ended their engagement.

Despite the end of her engagement with Lewis, Lozada emphasized that the separation was amicable. She expressed her relief that neither of them harbored bitterness and that they were not in a negative space. Lozada concluded:

“I’m just happy that he’s not bitter or we’re not in a negative space. I feel like all breakups don’t have to end up like that.” Evelyn Lozada’s story underscores the challenges of navigating love, fame, and past trauma in the public eye, a journey often filled with twists and turns.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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