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Explosive Claims Emerge Around Diddy’s Past Amidst Cassie’s Lawsuit Settlement


As the dust settles on the recently settled lawsuit between Diddy and Cassie, fresh controversies are surfacing from the hip-hop mogul’s past. Gene Deal, a former bodyguard of Diddy, has come forward with startling allegations, claiming that Diddy’s late ex, Kim Porter, once slashed his wrists to protect herself from his abuse. In an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Deal recounted an incident where Kim used a corkscrew to defend herself against Diddy’s aggression, causing a serious injury that required immediate medical attention.

The revelation adds another layer to the complex dynamics in Diddy’s relationships, particularly with women who have been part of his life. The timing of these claims coincides with Cassie’s civil suit, raising questions about the mogul’s past behavior and the alleged control he exerted over those close to him.

Another figure, Yung Joc, has also shared unsettling details about Diddy’s influence. In a resurfaced 2022 interview with Vlad TV, Joc discussed an incident in Miami that highlighted Diddy’s level of control over Cassie. According to the “Juice Box” rapper, during a casual gathering at Diddy’s house, the mogul made a peculiar request to Cassie, instructing her to shave the side of her head. Joc, perplexed by the unusual demand, witnessed Cassie complying with Diddy’s directive within days, raising questions about the power dynamics within their relationship.

These recent revelations cast a spotlight on the tumultuous history surrounding Diddy’s personal life and raise concerns about the dynamics in his past relationships. While the lawsuit with Cassie has been settled amicably, the emerging stories from individuals close to Diddy shed light on a complex and, at times, controversial personal history that is now under renewed scrutiny. As these narratives unfold, the public is left to grapple with the intricate details of Diddy’s past and the impact it may have on his public image.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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