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Floyd Mayweather’s Jet Lands in Israel with 5,000 Pounds of Aid for Civilians and Military


In a remarkable display of support for Israel, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s private jet recently touched down in the country, carrying over 5,000 pounds of essential supplies for both Israeli civilians and the military. The generous gesture followed Mayweather’s vocal pledge of support for Israel during the recent Hamas attacks in the region.

Mayweather’s private jet landed in Israel on a Sunday evening, carrying more than 100 boxes filled with much-needed supplies. The plane had been loaded from floor to ceiling with these essential items in Los Angeles before embarking on its journey to Israel. The boxes were packed onto the aircraft by volunteers, including Mayweather’s TMT (The Money Team) bodyguards.

The boxing icon had already been one of the most prominent celebrities expressing solidarity with Israel during these challenging times. However, when it became apparent that a plane was needed to deliver critical supplies, Mayweather stepped up in a significant way to make it happen.

Working in collaboration with his friend Jona Rechnitz, along with Maya Sinai and David and Gitel Rubin, Mayweather played a pivotal role in sourcing the jet, recruiting pilots (referred to as TBE’s), and coordinating the transportation of thousands of pounds of supplies to Israel. The delivery was intended to benefit the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and civilians in the area.

The journey to Israel was no easy feat. The plane made several stops, traveling from Los Angeles to New York City, then to London, and finally landing in Tel Aviv, which is just miles away from the war-torn areas.

David Rubin, the son of Holocaust survivors, played a vital role in orchestrating this humanitarian effort. His dedication to the survival of the Jewish people was instrumental in bringing this initiative to life. Recounting the conversation with Mayweather, Jona Rechnitz stated, “I called Floyd and asked him if he would be willing to send his plane to Israel with necessary supplies for soldiers, he said, ‘Of course. I got your back. I don’t care how much it costs. Make it happen'”.

Floyd Mayweather’s actions come as no surprise, as he has consistently condemned the recent attacks and been unequivocal about his support for Israel. He stated, “I stand with Israel and Jews all around the world. I condemn antisemitism at all cost. I stand for Peace. I stand for Human Rights! Terrorism Is Never The Answer!” This extraordinary act of generosity and solidarity reflects the impact that prominent figures can have in times of crisis, transcending boundaries to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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