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Former Wardrobe Assistant Speaks Out About Alleged Abuse and Discrimination in Lizzo’s Work Environment


Fashion designer Asha Daniels, a former wardrobe assistant for singer Lizzo, has shed light on what she describes as a ‘sexualized, racially charged, and illegal work environment’ during her time with the star. Daniels recently filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, claiming that she was physically and verbally abused by her manager, Amanda Nomura. This comes after allegations made by three backup dancers against Lizzo for sexual and racial harassment. In an interview with ABC News, Daniels detailed her experiences, citing physical assaults, threats, and being denied breaks. She also alleged that Nomura made racist and fatphobic comments about Lizzo and others on the team.

Asha Daniels, who filed the lawsuit against Lizzo, opened up about her experiences working with the singer in an interview with ABC News. She described a troubling work environment that she claims was marked by physical and verbal abuse, threats, and a lack of breaks. In the interview, Daniels hinted at her manager, Amanda Nomura, as the source of these issues, suggesting that Nomura not only mistreated her but also made derogatory comments about Lizzo and other team members.

Daniels revealed that her role was to design outfits for Lizzo and her dancers during Lizzo’s “The Special Tour” earlier this year. However, she alleges that she was ‘wrongfully terminated’ just two weeks into her employment.

Lizzo’s spokesperson has vehemently denied Asha’s claims, emphasizing that Daniels had never met or spoken to the star. In response, Daniels expressed her belief that Lizzo shares some responsibility for the work environment and explained that she expected better treatment, considering Lizzo’s positive public image.

In her lawsuit, Daniels claims she was forced to work excessively long hours, from 6 am to 2 am, with no breaks. She also alleged that Nomura frequently made racist and fatphobic comments and once injured her by rolling a clothing rack over her foot. Daniels further stated that Nomura threatened to harm her and other staff if they didn’t bring her medicine and described witnessing her ‘shoving a crew member’ and ‘snatching food’ from someone’s hands.

Daniels said she had reported Nomura’s behavior to Lizzo’s management but was advised by tour manager Carlina Gugliotta to privately film Nomura’s actions. However, she found this suggestion unethical and possibly unlawful and was subsequently fired.

Daniels is suing Lizzo for sexual and racial harassment as well as disability discrimination. She is seeking damages for unpaid wages, loss of earnings, and other compensation.

In a separate interview with ABC, Daniels explained how her time working for Lizzo had affected her personally, stating that it ‘started to break down who she was as a person.’

Daniels is represented by attorney Neama Rahmani, who is also representing the three backup dancers who sued Lizzo last month for sexual and racial harassment.

Lizzo’s attorney, Martin Singer, has stated that she plans to counter-sue the three women. He also presented photos seemingly showing the plaintiffs happily posing with topless performers backstage at a Paris cabaret, which he claims contradicts their allegations. Lizzo intends to sue for malicious prosecution once the claims are dismissed.

The allegations against Lizzo have sparked a debate about workplace abuse, and the lawsuit will likely continue to draw public attention as it unfolds.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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