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“Girlfriends” Revival in the Works: Kelsey Grammer Shares Hopeful Updates


Fans of the beloved sitcom “Girlfriends” may have a reason to rejoice as talks of a revival are gaining momentum. Originally airing on UPN in 2000 and later moving to The CW, the show followed the lives of four Black women—Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross), Toni (Jill Marie Jones), Maya (Golden Brooks), and Lynn (Persia White). Despite its popularity, the series abruptly concluded in 2008 without a proper ending, leaving fans yearning for closure.

The premature ending of “Girlfriends” in 2008 was attributed to the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike and the financial challenges of production. While speculation about a retrospective episode providing closure circulated, no such resolution materialized, leaving the characters’ stories unfinished after the 13th episode of season 8.

However, recent comments from Kelsey Grammer, the executive producer of the series, suggest that a revival might be on the horizon. Grammer expressed his enthusiasm for rebooting Girlfriends during a recent interview, acknowledging that while it might take a different form, the success of bringing back “The Game,” a spin-off of “Girlfriends,” is a positive precedent. He mentioned,

“I would love to reboot Girlfriends. Of course, it would probably be a different kind of show, but we got The Game back on and that was wonderful. I don’t know if Paramount+ is gonna grab another season of that, but you never know. I think they should because I know many people who love that show and love those characters and would like to see them continue. We’ll see what happens”.

Grammer’s hopeful words extend to the possibility of Tracee Ellis Ross reprising her role as Joan. He emphasized his admiration for Ross’s performance, highlighting the show’s significance in showcasing the talent of its ensemble cast. The prospect of revisiting the series offers an opportunity to explore the growth of the characters and continue the legacy of this cherished show. As discussions surrounding a Girlfriends revival gain momentum, fans eagerly await official announcements, holding onto the hope that the series will finally receive the conclusion it deserves.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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