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Idris Elba Opens Up About Therapy Journey to Overcome Unhealthy Habits


Renowned British actor Idris Elba has taken an introspective approach to self-improvement by enlisting the assistance of therapy to address an “unhealthy habit” that has been affecting his life. In a candid conversation on the “Changes with Annie Macmanus” podcast, the 51-year-old actor shared his experiences and reflections on seeking therapy, shedding light on the motivations behind this significant step in his personal journey.

Idris Elba’s decision to embrace therapy took place approximately a year ago, marking a pivotal moment in his life. During the podcast interview, he emphasized the substantial impact of therapy on his thought processes and behaviors. He articulated, “It’s a lot. In my therapy, I’ve been thinking a lot about changing, almost to the point of neuropaths being changed and shifting”.

Elba was transparent about the motivation behind his therapeutic journey. He explained that his decision was not rooted in a dislike for himself but rather in recognizing the presence of “unhealthy habits” that had taken hold in his life. Working within an industry that often rewards relentless work and dedication, he acknowledged the toll this had taken on his well-being.

Describing himself as a “workaholic,” Elba shed light on the consequences of his love for constant activity and project involvement. He admitted that these tendencies had led to imbalances in his life. In his own words, “Nothing that’s too extreme is good, everything needs balance, but I’m rewarded massively to be a workaholic [compared] to someone that’s like ‘Eh, I’m not going to see my family for six months’ and I’m in there grinding and making a new family and leave them.”

The actor shared that his therapy journey had prompted a profound realization about the need for balance in his life. He recognized the importance of modifying certain paths he had been following, stating, “Those are pathways that I had to be like, ‘I’ve got to adjust.'”

Idris Elba’s openness about his therapy experience serves as a reminder of the importance of self-reflection and personal growth. It underscores that seeking professional guidance is a valuable step toward addressing unhealthy habits and achieving a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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