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Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Tupac’s Hidden Battle With Alopecia and Touches on Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Defense


Jada Pinkett Smith, known for her openness about living with alopecia since her public revelation in 2018, has recently shared an unexpected connection with the late hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur. In a candid interview with People, she disclosed that Tupac privately struggled with the autoimmune disease, alopecia, causing unpredictable hair loss, which had a significant impact on him emotionally. This revelation unveils a hidden facet of Tupac’s life.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s account delves into Tupac’s alopecia ordeal, which she claims began in 1991 when he was stopped for jaywalking by the Oakland Police Department and allegedly subjected to a beating. In response to this incident, Tupac filed a $10 million civil suit, ultimately winning a $42,000 settlement. It was after this traumatic encounter with law enforcement that he began losing his hair, and Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that his alopecia patterns were far more extreme than hers.

What makes Tupac’s experience distinctive is that, unlike Jada Pinkett Smith, he chose to conceal his alopecia. According to her, during the era in which Tupac lived, he wouldn’t talk about it openly, even though he looked quite striking with a bald head.

The actress also expressed her belief that if Tupac were alive today, he would likely be more forthcoming about his alopecia, contributing to a more open conversation about the condition and raising awareness. She reflects on the shift in societal attitudes towards conditions like alopecia, emphasizing that people are more open to discussing such issues today.

Furthermore, Jada Pinkett Smith recently addressed the infamous Oscars slap that her husband, Will Smith, delivered to comedian Chris Rock. The incident occurred after a joke about her alopecia, not a personal offense to her. She clarified that her eye roll during the incident was more about the potential insensitivity towards alopecia, shedding light on the importance of avoiding such jabs at the condition.

These revelations come during the promotional campaign for her memoir, “Worthy,” in which she also shared a significant but emotionally challenging moment in her life when Tupac, while incarcerated in 1995, asked her to marry him. She revealed that she understood he needed emotional support during his time in prison, and their friendship and shared experiences made him seek that solid foundation. She admitted that he might have married and divorced her once he left prison due to his mindset at the time. This unique insight into their relationship showcases the depth of their connection.

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