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Jamie Foxx Firmly Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Plans Counteraction for Malicious Prosecution


Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx is forcefully refuting claims of sexual assault made against him by a woman who recently filed a lawsuit. A spokesperson for Foxx provided a statement to TMZ, staunchly asserting that the alleged incident never occurred and highlighting the individual’s previous attempt in 2020 to file a similar lawsuit in Brooklyn, which was subsequently dismissed.

“The alleged incident never happened. In 2020, this individual filed a nearly identical lawsuit in Brooklyn. That case was dismissed shortly thereafter. The claims are no more viable today than they were then,” the spokesperson stated.

As previously reported, the woman filed a lawsuit accusing Foxx of inappropriate behavior at a prestigious rooftop restaurant in NYC in August 2015. She alleges that Foxx touched her without consent, groping her in a manner that she found distressing.

According to the woman’s account in the lawsuit, she approached Foxx for a photo, to which he allegedly responded with comments about her physique and scent. She claims he then led her to a secluded area, where he purportedly touched her inappropriately.

Foxx’s spokesperson expressed confidence that the claims would be dismissed and announced Foxx’s intention to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against the accuser and her legal representatives for re-filing what they deem a frivolous action.

The actor, known for his versatility and talent, has firmly denied any wrongdoing and is prepared to defend himself against the allegations. The legal battle is unfolding as Foxx seeks to protect his reputation amid what his team contends is an unjust and baseless accusation.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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