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Jamie Foxx Plans to Have a Baby and Propose Over the Holidays with Girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp


The romance between actor Jamie Foxx and his girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, is reportedly reaching new heights. According to sources, Foxx, 55, is contemplating expanding his family with Alyce and appears to be making plans for an upcoming proposal.

Reports suggest that Jamie Foxx and Alyce Huckstepp, an Australian businesswoman, have been quietly dating since 2022, and their relationship has recently taken a serious turn. Sources close to Foxx have expressed his desire to have another child, which would be his first with Alyce.

The couple is said to be deeply in love and enjoying their time together, with a source confirming that having a baby is “absolutely in the plan.” Foxx, who experienced an undisclosed health scare earlier this year that landed him in the hospital for nearly three months, has been reevaluating his priorities in life.

The health scare seems to have made Foxx realize the importance of love and family. He previously mentioned marriage plans in September, and sources now suggest that he is preparing to propose to Alyce over the upcoming holiday season. They believe Foxx will make the proposal very romantic and heartfelt.

Foxx already has two daughters, Corrine, 29, and Anelise, 15, and is reportedly looking forward to having more children. He misses having little ones around and has expressed the desire to have a son. However, he will be equally delighted if Alyce gives birth to a daughter. Above all, Foxx wants to cherish every moment and believes that settling down and embracing marriage is the right choice for this new chapter in his life.

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