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Jamie Foxx Takes on Divine Role in Upcoming Comedy “Not Another Church Movie”


Jamie Foxx is set to expand his acting portfolio with a divine twist. The 55-year-old actor will portray a celestial figure in the upcoming comedy “Not Another Church Movie,” where he’ll stand as the heavenly counterpart to Mickey Rourke’s Devil. The film, expected to release later this year, ventures into the realm of divine comedy, showcasing Foxx’s versatility.

The film’s premise, orchestrated by writer-director Johnny Mack and producer-director James Michael Cummings, revolves around Kevin Daniels, played by Taylor. A mortal man with a divine mission bestowed upon him by God Himself, Taylor is tasked with sharing his family’s stories and inspiring his community. However, the narrative takes an intriguing turn as the Devil, portrayed by Mickey Rourke, reveals his own hidden agenda.

James Michael Cummings, reflecting on the exciting collaboration, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. He stated, “Working with Jamie Foxx, who is such a gifted actor, and adding the talents of Mickey Rourke and Kevin Daniels — ‘Not Another Church Movie’ delivers what our community needs the most, an uplifting and hilarious film that for sure will delight audiences everywhere.”

This comedic endeavor marks another milestone for Jamie Foxx, showcasing his remarkable acting prowess. With his repertoire spanning across various genres, Foxx has consistently demonstrated his ability to embody diverse characters authentically. His embodiment of a celestial role further underscores his adaptability and creativity as an actor.

As anticipation builds for “Not Another Church Movie,” audiences can look forward to witnessing Jamie Foxx and Mickey Rourke’s on-screen dynamic in a unique and humor-infused take on divine interactions. The film’s blend of uplifting storytelling and comedic elements promises to resonate with viewers, making it a promising addition to Foxx’s already impressive career.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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