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Jay-Z Ends Viral ‘Cash or Lunch’ Debate: Take the Money, Not the Meal


In a rare two-part interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, Jay-Z, the 53-year-old rap icon and business mogul, has put an end to the viral debate that has perplexed his fans for years. The question at the center of the debate was whether one should accept $500,000 in cash from Jay-Z or opt for a lavish meal with the rapper. Jay-Z firmly urged people to choose the money.

The interview revealed Jay-Z’s perspective on this hypothetical choice. When asked by King if he’d advise taking $500,000 in cash or a lunch with him, the rapper unambiguously recommended taking the money. He emphasized that all the wisdom he could offer is already present in his lyrics, making the music a more cost-effective source of guidance.

Viewers were quick to agree with Jay-Z’s practical advice, and they joked that he probably doesn’t want to attend numerous dinners with his fans. Many believed that taking the $500,000 was the right choice and that the debate was settled.

Jay-Z’s financial success, valued at $2.5 billion by Forbes, supports his position that $500,000 would be a manageable payout for him. The rapper, who has sold over 140 million records and earned 24 Grammy awards, has ventured into various business sectors, including clothing lines, food and drink, and record labels.

Gayle King revealed that she had to persistently request the interview with Jay-Z, emphasizing that groveling proved to be a very effective technique. She acknowledged Jay-Z’s rarity in granting interviews, making the conversation all the more notable.

This viral debate, which has engaged fans for years, was brought to a close by Jay-Z’s clear-cut advice during the interview. While the origins of the debate remain unclear, it has been a subject of discussion since at least 2017.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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