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Jennifer Hough Seeks to Strengthen Lawsuit Against Kenneth Petty Amid Ongoing Legal Battle


Jennifer Hough, at the center of a legal dispute involving Kenneth Petty, husband of rap icon Nicki Minaj, is taking steps to amend her complaint in an effort to bolster her case. The ongoing battle revolves around a 1994 rape incident, in which Petty had previously pleaded guilty to attempted rape. Hough alleges that Petty violated the terms of his plea deal by allegedly intimidating and harassing her.

Hough claims to have endured continuous intimidation, harassment, and threats from Petty and his associates after she declined a cash offer aimed at retracting her allegations, which would potentially remove Petty from the National Sex Offender Registry.

Seeking to amplify her legal position, Hough’s move to amend her complaint is motivated by her belief that the evidence presented by the Queens District Attorney’s Office regarding the 1994 incident corroborates her claims. This newly acquired evidence provides a foundation for Hough to introduce a cause of action for attempted rape, according to court documents accessed by AllHipHop.

In legal proceedings, a cause of action outlines the specific elements required to establish the defendant’s liability and the plaintiff’s entitlement to legal remedies, such as monetary compensation.

The evidentiary support Hough has introduced includes compelling exhibits, such as photographs showcasing the knife purportedly used during the incident, images of the room where she alleges the assault occurred, documented bruises on her side, and pictures displaying her neck, where she claims Petty choked her.

Furthermore, the evidence encompasses legal documents linked to Petty’s arrest and plea, as well as social media posts allegedly associated with Petty and his associates.

While Nicki Minaj has been dismissed from the lawsuit, the legal dispute between Jennifer Hough and Kenneth Petty remains active, with the court scrutinizing the disturbing evidence from the past. As Hough endeavors to strengthen her case, the legal battle underscores the significance of evidence, credibility, and the pursuit of justice in cases of this nature.

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