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Jonathan Majors’ 911 Call for Grace Jabbari Reveals Possible Overdose/Suicide Concerns


Jonathan Majors, in the midst of his assault trial, made a 911 call on behalf of his accuser, Grace Jabbari, on the day of his arrest. The nature of the call, revealed in court, indicated that Majors reported a possible overdose or suicide attempt by Jabbari.

Two NYPD officers who responded to the call testified, offering a detailed account of the scene. According to their testimony, the initial call from Majors reported an individual attempting suicide through an overdose. Upon their arrival at Majors’ apartment in March, they found Jabbari on the floor, and when she regained consciousness, her immediate concern was about Majors’ whereabouts.

During their testimony, the officers mentioned observing a missing button on Majors’ coat and a small amount of blood on his comforter. However, they did not find any other signs of blood. Jabbari informed the officers that Majors had hit her multiple times in the head and grabbed her by the throat.

The officers also noted that Jabbari asked about her ear pain during the encounter, which is relevant to the assault charges against Majors. However, they conceded that they did not inquire whether she had fallen.

In a significant revelation, one officer admitted to assisting Jabbari in filling out her domestic violence report, completing the first page for her. The officers faced challenges recalling specific details during cross-examination by Majors’ defense team, including whether Jabbari had mentioned taking two sleeping pills earlier that night.

The court is currently in recess, with testimony expected to resume in the afternoon.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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