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Kanye West’s ‘Unofficial Wife’ Bianca Censori Tied to Australian Mob Dynasty


New details have emerged about rapper Kanye West’s alleged “unofficial” wife, Bianca Censori, shedding light on her familial connections to the Australian underworld. West, 46, reportedly participated in an unofficial wedding ceremony with the 28-year-old Melbourne architect back in January, a mere two months after finalizing his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Daily Mail Australia’s investigation into Bianca’s background has unveiled her father, Elia ‘Leo’ Censori, who served time in jail after being convicted in 1982 on charges related to possessing a prohibited import, namely heroin. Leo’s criminal history is further intertwined with his brother Eris Censori, a notorious figure often compared to ‘Melbourne’s Al Capone.’ Eris faced a death sentence in Western Australia for murder, a penalty that was later commuted to life imprisonment following the abolition of the death penalty in the region in 1984.

Leo Censori was also connected to illegal gambling, building an illicit empire that controlled a significant portion of Melbourne’s gambling industry during the 1980s. The unraveling of his criminal activities was aided by his former wife, Faye Glascott, who exposed his involvement in the illegal gambling cartel to the media.

Additionally, Leo Censori holds convictions for possession of a pistol and fully jacketed ammunition, adding to his criminal track record. Despite these revelations, both Leo and his current wife, Alexandra, declined to comment on his history when approached by Daily Mail Australia.

The ongoing examination of Bianca Censori’s familial ties to criminal enterprises and her connection to Kanye West continues to spark public interest and scrutiny about the nature of their relationship.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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