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Keefe D Accuses Diddy of Involvement in 2Pac Murder, Blames Him for His Troubles


Keefe D, the former member of Southside Compton Crips, has expressed his frustration over being associated with 2Pac’s murder and placed the blame on Diddy for his alleged involvement. In an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Keefe D recounted his initial encounter with Diddy back in ’91 during an Usher video shoot and revealed how Diddy reimbursed him for damages caused to his car.

However, Keefe D now wishes he had never crossed paths with Diddy, as he believes this connection ultimately led to his connection to the tragic death of 2Pac in 1996. He expressed regret over getting involved in such a situation, as his affiliation with Diddy apparently led to a clash with Suge Knight, causing significant damage to both their empires.

Keefe D elaborated on how Diddy allegedly pitted the Crips against Suge Knight’s Bloods, which further intensified the tension and rivalry between the two factions. He claimed that Diddy emerged unscathed from the conflict while their empires suffered. Keefe D’s recent interview comes at a time when authorities are investigating 2Pac’s unsolved murder case once again, following the discovery of bullets at his residence.

The bullets found at Keefe D’s home are currently undergoing forensic testing to determine if they have any link to the bullets found in 2Pac’s body or at the scene of the homicide. Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis and is the uncle of Orlando Anderson, 2Pac’s alleged killer, has previously confessed to playing a role in the rapper’s murder.

As the investigation into 2Pac’s murder gains new momentum, Keefe D’s interview with The Art of Dialogue has sparked further speculation and discussion about the still-unsolved case.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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