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Kenneth Petty’s Previous Rape Case Evidence May Be Admissible in Current Lawsuit, Says Legal Affairs Journalist Meghann Cuniff


The legal challenges facing Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty continue to mount. In a recent development, legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff provided an update on the civil lawsuit against Kenneth Petty, suggesting that evidence from a previous rape case involving Petty may be admissible in the current lawsuit.

According to Cuniff, Jennifer Hough, the woman suing Kenneth Petty, may not be able to amend her lawsuit to add an attempted rape claim. However, she may be permitted to include evidence from a 1995 case in which 16-year-old Kenneth Petty was found guilty of sexual assault against her.

It’s important to note that this recommendation is made by a U.S. magistrate judge and will be subject to review by the trial judge. Petty’s attorney has the option to appeal this decision by October 24, 2023, potentially leading to an overturn of the ruling.

Meghann Cuniff, known for her extensive coverage of the Megan Thee Stallion shooting trial, expressed her opinion that this updated ruling represents a minor victory for Jennifer Hough. While she cannot add another claim to the lawsuit, she already has seven claims, including sexual assault, making this development significant.

This ruling has the potential to play a crucial role in demonstrating that not only was Petty guilty in 1995 when he was convicted of crimes against Jennifer, but also that he may be culpable of harassment, intimidation, and failing to register as a sex offender in the state of New York, to which he has already pleaded guilty. The trial date is yet to be set, but the case is in the discovery phase, with a fact-finding deadline set for December 12.

As previously reported, Kenneth Petty is currently serving a 120-day house detention sentence for violating the terms of his probation.

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