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Kodak Black Incarcerated in Federal Prison Following Probation Violation


Hip-hop artist Kodak Black, born Bill Kapri, finds himself back in federal custody after violating his probation, according to confirmation from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The 26-year-old rapper is currently held at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, FL, with no specified release date. Kodak Black’s legal troubles escalated on December 7 when he was arrested in South Florida, facing charges of cocaine possession, tampering with physical evidence, and improper parking.

Despite entering a formal plea of not guilty and opting for a trial by jury four days after the arrest, Kodak Black now resides behind bars, raising questions about the circumstances leading to his federal detention. Law enforcement officers initially approached the rapper’s Bentley for being improperly parked on an active roadway. Subsequent searches uncovered cannabis rolling paper, cannabis residue, and white powder in the vehicle.

During an Instagram Live session on December 11, Kodak Black made candid confessions about his drug usage, refuting claims of cocaine consumption during the recent arrest. He attributed the arrest to being under the influence of lean, stating that he was asleep in front of his family house, emphasizing the legal status of the act. Denying taking cocaine, he expressed frustration over his mugshot circulating online, deeming the arrest “bogus”.

In the live session, Kodak Black openly discussed his struggles with substance abuse, admitting to abusing Percocet, a medication prescribed after being shot in the leg in February 2022. While acknowledging his use of Percocet, he asserted it was part of prescribed medication, though he acknowledged instances of abuse. The rapper asserted his commitment to self-improvement, revealing a personal investment of $350,000 in rehab to address his addiction issues. Amidst legal challenges and personal revelations, Kodak Black continues to navigate a complex journey, both in the public eye and within the confines of federal custody.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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