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Larsa Pippen Responds to Cardi B’s Comments About Her Sex Life


Reality star Larsa Pippen has responded to comments made by rapper Cardi B about her sex life, emphasizing her surprise at the rapper’s remarks. Pippen, who was sharing a panel at BravoCon with stars from “The Real Housewives of Miami,” couldn’t comprehend why Cardi B was commenting on her sexual activities. She mentioned that Cardi B wasn’t in bed with her, which made the situation seem comical to her. In her astonishment, Pippen even contacted another “Real Housewives of Miami” cast member to inquire if they believed she had sex four times a day.

This exchange is a continuation of a discussion that began in March when Cardi B, who is married to Offset, expressed her thoughts on women who claim to have sex multiple times daily. Larsa Pippen had previously admitted to having sex four times a night during her 23-year marriage to NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. Cardi B responded by suggesting that frequent sex might indicate a drug-related issue and criticized the claims.

Cardi B’s stance seemed to resonate with some fans who found it difficult to believe that people with full-time jobs and children could engage in sexual activity four times a day. Many fans shared the sentiment that daily life demands more time and energy than such claims would suggest.

Cardi B’s remarks brought to light the need for a balanced perspective on intimate relationships, acknowledging that people’s lives are often far more hectic than the idea of sex four times a day might suggest.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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