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Lionel Richie Expresses Frustration Over Diana Ross’ Performance Choices


In a recent turn of events, legendary singer Lionel Richie has expressed his disappointment and frustration regarding a missed opportunity to perform with fellow icon Diana Ross. Richie, known for his hits like “Hello” and “All Night Long,” jokingly aired his grievances during his ‘Sing A Song All Night Long’ tour. He specifically lamented Diana Ross’ refusal to perform their classic duet, “Endless Love,” while she found time to share the stage with Beyoncé at her recent concert in Los Angeles.

During his concert, the 74-year-old Richie playfully shared his thoughts on Diana Ross, who is 79 years old, allegedly declining to perform with him over the past 37 years. He humorously questioned whether anyone really expected her to change her mind and make an appearance at his concert, given her longstanding refusal. Ross, instead, had taken the stage during Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour performance on September 4th, where she sang her 1976 hit “Love Hangover” and wished Beyoncé a happy birthday.

Richie’s frustration regarding the missed opportunity to perform “Endless Love” with Ross is not new. In a 2021 episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,’ he expressed that performing the iconic duet was on his bucket list. He revealed that despite his efforts, scheduling conflicts had prevented them from reuniting on stage, a sentiment he shared during his recent concert.

The playful banter between Lionel Richie and Diana Ross has brought attention to the longstanding desire of fans to see them perform “Endless Love” together once more. While it may remain a dream for now, their enduring legacies in the music industry continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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