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Ludacris’ Manager, Chaka Zulu, Cleared of Murder Charges in Fatal Atlanta Shooting


In a surprising turn of events, Chaka Zulu, renowned manager for Ludacris, will not face charges for the fatal shooting that occurred outside an Atlanta restaurant in June 2022. Prosecutors have decided to drop the case after Chaka maintained that he acted in self-defense during the incident.

Fulton County prosecutors, in a statement to WSB-TV, explained their decision not to indict Chaka in connection with the shooting, highlighting that the Atlanta Police Department’s arrest was based on a standard of probable cause. The statement emphasized that their thorough investigation and analysis of applicable law led them to conclude that this resolution aligns with the required standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.

The prosecutors revealed that Chaka is now participating in a pre-indictment diversion program, signaling their confidence in the appropriateness of this resolution based on the facts and applicable legal standards.

The incident, previously covered by TMZ Hip Hop, captured on surveillance video, depicted a confrontation between Chaka and a group of men, including the victim, Artez Benton, outside Chaka’s Apt4B restaurant. The altercation escalated with physical violence and ultimately resulted in fatal gunshots.

Chaka’s lawyer, Gabe Banks, expressed gratitude to D.A. Fani Will and her team for their meticulous investigation, acknowledging that Chaka would now be focusing on the nurturing of his family. Banks also conveyed sorrow for the loss of life stemming from the tragic incident.

Initially facing murder charges, Chaka Zulu also had potential charges of aggravated assault, simple battery, and possession of a firearm hanging over him. However, all these charges are now off the table as the case takes an unexpected turn.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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