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Lupita Nyong’o’s Heartbreaking Split Statement Reveals Pain and ‘Deception’


In an emotional statement shared on Instagram, Lupita Nyong’o confirmed her split from partner Selema Masekela. The heart-wrenching post delved into her profound pain and her determination to navigate the aftermath of the breakup, which coincided with her appearing in a cozy setting with newly-single Joshua Jackson.

The statement, shared with her 10.8 million followers, spoke of her current “season of heartbreak” caused by “deception,” although she didn’t specify the nature of this deception. Lupita Nyong’o expressed a deep concern for the more significant challenges happening worldwide, stating that her thoughts are with those who are truly suffering. Nevertheless, she felt compelled to share her personal truth and publically disassociate herself from someone she could no longer trust.

Lupita wrote about the overwhelming loss she’s experiencing due to this sudden and devastating deception. Her words conveyed a desire to retreat into the shadows temporarily but then emerge stronger, acknowledging that the extent of her pain mirrors the depth of her capacity for love. She stressed the importance of facing this pain, cultivating the courage to accept life as it is, and trusting that, in time, it will pass. She shared that a tender heart ultimately fosters fearlessness.

Her reason for sharing this deeply personal experience was to encourage others grappling with heartbreak not to escape the pain but to embrace it, for within it lies valuable wisdom. Lupita had been in a relationship with Selema Masekela, a TV host and sports commentator, since 2022. The couple’s relationship was made public when she shared a video in December, captioned “#thisismylove #nuffsaid.”

Following the announcement of her breakup, Lupita Nyong’o was seen at a Janelle Monae concert in Los Angeles with Joshua Jackson, sparking rumors of a newfound connection between the two. At the concert, Dawson’s Creek star Joshua, who shares a three-year-old daughter with estranged wife Jodie Turner-Smith, was seen enjoying the event with Lupita Nyong’o. The photos show them gazing into each other’s eyes and sharing moments of laughter.

It’s a significant development given Jodie Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson’s estranged wife, filed for divorce earlier this month, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ The budding relationship between Lupita Nyong’o and Joshua Jackson raises questions about new beginnings following heartbreak and separation.

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