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Ma$e Playfully Addresses Puff Daddy’s Alleged Connection to 2Pac’s Murder


Ma$e, the former Bad Boy rapper, couldn’t resist a playful jab at Diddy’s rumored ties to the murder of rap legend 2Pac during a recent sports talk show appearance. While discussing a “trash moment of the week” with his co-host Cam’ron and special guest comedian Bubba Dub, Keefe D’s recent arrest in connection with 2Pac’s 1996 killing came up in conversation.

With a mischievous grin, Ma$e pretended not to recognize Keefe D’s name, prompting laughter from his co-hosts. Bubba Dub joined in on the joke, playing along by saying, “Yeah, you know!” Ma$e, however, continued his act of faux-ignorance, insisting he didn’t know who Keefe D was. When Bubba Dub mentioned “Baaaad Boyyyy” and mimicked Diddy’s signature dance move, Cam’ron burst into laughter.

The comedic exchange took a more serious turn when Bubba Dub explained that Keefe D had been accused of orchestrating 2Pac’s murder. Ma$e, momentarily dropping the act, said, “I pray 2Pac gets justice whoever is involved,” to which Cam’ron shook his head in agreement while laughing.

Diddy’s alleged connection to 2Pac’s murder stems from statements made by Keefe D during a 2008 police confession. Keefe D claimed that in the mid-’90s, he had discussed a $1 million deal with Diddy to kill both 2Pac and Suge Knight. However, he later stated that the South Side Compton Crips, of which he was a member, never received the alleged $500,000 payment from Diddy after 2Pac’s murder.

Authorities believe 2Pac’s murder was an act of “retribution” for an earlier altercation between the rapper and South Side Compton Crips member Orlando Anderson, who is believed to have been the gunman in the drive-by shooting that killed 2Pac. Anderson had allegedly stolen a Death Row affiliate’s chain months before the fatal incident.

Diddy has consistently denied any involvement in 2Pac’s murder, dismissing Keefe D’s story as “pure fiction and completely ridiculous.” He reiterated his stance during a 2016 interview with the Breakfast Club, stating, “We don’t talk about things that are nonsense. We don’t even entertain nonsense, so we’re not even gonna go there.”

While speculation surrounding Diddy’s involvement in 2Pac’s murder has persisted, retired LAPD detective Greg Kading, who has detailed knowledge of the case, suggests that the chances of Diddy being charged in connection with the murder are slim. He emphasizes the need for credible witnesses who can corroborate the allegations, something that has yet to materialize.

Kading also points out that Diddy’s personality and intentions don’t align with the actions of someone plotting a murder. He concludes, “I’ve always given a caveat to the whole ‘Puffy’ Combs connection… Puffy’s not built like Suge Knight, and I don’t think Puffy was truly intentionally trying to get either 2Pac or Suge killed. I don’t like Puffy. I don’t think he’s a murderer.” The debate over Diddy’s alleged involvement in 2Pac’s murder continues to stir discussion and speculation within the hip-hop community, even as time passes since the tragic events of 1996.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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