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Magic Johnson Adds Washington Commanders to His Growing Sports Empire


Retired NBA legend Magic Johnson continues to make headlines as he adds the Washington Commanders football team to his growing portfolio of sports franchises. The record-breaking purchase of the club for $6.05 billion marks Johnson’s entry into the NFL as a stakeholder, further solidifying his status as a powerhouse in sports ownership.

While still on vacation with his family, Johnson proudly dons Commanders gear, celebrating his latest venture into gridiron glory. With a history of success as a stakeholder in various sports franchises, including the Lakers, Dodgers, Sparks, and LAFC, Johnson is no stranger to championship glory. Now, he sets his sights on turning around the fortunes of the long-struggling Commanders team.

Having previously experienced ownership success with the Lakers, where he won five NBA titles, Johnson is confident that his leadership and expertise will positively impact the Commanders. In recent interviews, he reminisced about his journey into sports ownership, which began with the Lakers and has now spread to multiple U.S. leagues.

As a part-owner of the Commanders, Johnson joins a select group of influential sports figures reshaping the landscape of professional sports. His involvement brings new hope to a team that has long been viewed as one of the NFL’s underdogs. Given Johnson’s track record of building winning teams and his passion for success, many are optimistic about the Commanders’ future under his guidance.

While Johnson’s interests now span four different U.S. leagues, he remains a dedicated Lakers fan at heart. He praised Rob Pelinka, the team’s vice president of basketball operations and general manager, for assembling a competitive roster centered around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Magic Johnson’s journey from NBA superstar to business magnate continues to captivate sports enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. With his unparalleled success on and off the court, Johnson’s impact on the sports world is destined to be felt for generations to come.

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