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Marcellus Wiley Accuses Stephen A. Smith of Hypocrisy in Treatment of Max Kellerman and Shannon Sharpe


Marcellus Wiley, former ESPN and Fox sportscaster, has called out ‘First Take’ host Stephen A. Smith, accusing him of hypocrisy in his recent comments about Max Kellerman and Shannon Sharpe.

Smith, who recently discussed his split with former ‘First Take’ partner Max Kellerman, admitted to not liking working with him. Kellerman was removed from the show in 2021 and later faced layoffs this year.

Smith attributed the partnership’s failure to Kellerman not being an athlete or journalist, stating that this absence left people questioning why they should listen to him. He emphasized his desire to win and revitalize the show.

However, Marcellus Wiley criticized Smith’s remarks, suggesting that Stephen A. Smith felt threatened. He compared Smith’s treatment of Kellerman and Shannon Sharpe, who recently joined ‘First Take’ after leaving ‘Undisputed’ on FS1.

Wiley expressed his view that it’s hypocritical of Smith to be sensitive to Shannon Sharpe’s situation and not Max Kellerman’s when both were essentially pushed out. He urged against attributing the difference to race, emphasizing that Smith had pushed Max Kellerman out.

Wiley believes that the real reason for Kellerman’s departure from ‘First Take’ was his failure to fit into the role that Smith envisioned for him.

In conclusion, Wiley stated that Max Kellerman’s credentials should not be attacked, as he had been sought after by ESPN to join the show, emphasizing that Max’s background had not changed overnight.

The comments highlight the ongoing discussions and controversies surrounding the dynamics within sports broadcasting and the relationships between hosts and their colleagues.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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