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Marjorie Harvey Denies Cheating Rumors in Powerful Instagram Post


Marjorie Harvey, the esteemed wife of the renowned game show host Steve Harvey, has taken a bold step to address and quash the recent rumors swirling around her alleged involvement in an affair with their bodyguard and personal chef. In a powerful Instagram post, Marjorie, who has been married to Steve since 2007, unequivocally branded the allegations as nothing but ‘foolishness and lies’.

The 58-year-old shared a screenshot of a webpage titled ‘How to handle being lied about,’ which featured a profound quote from the Bible. The quote, “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate. When he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly,” seemed to reflect Marjorie’s approach to handling the scandalous rumors.

Marjorie expanded upon her response in the caption, revealing that while she and Steve usually refrain from dignifying such baseless rumors with a response, they recognize the unique responsibility that comes with their influential public platform. She emphasized that this platform obligates them to offer support to those who might be grappling with similar false accusations, highlighting the importance of resilience and grace.

In a separate development, Steve Harvey himself addressed the rumors head-on during Invest Fest 2023 in Atlanta. In a confident and assertive manner, Steve conveyed that both he and Marjorie are in a good place and unaffected by the unfounded speculations. He called for an end to the speculation, firmly asserting that the rumors hold no water.

The rumors about Marjorie’s alleged affair with Steve’s security personnel originated on Twitter, gaining traction and prompting discussions among the public. However, the origins and credibility of these rumors remain dubious.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s enduring relationship has been a beacon of inspiration for many. Their journey commenced in 1990, but after a brief separation, fate brought them back together in 2005. Their enduring love story culminated in their marriage in 2007. Marjorie has often spoken about the profound impact their bond has had on their blended family, underscoring the significance of mutual support and inclusivity.

While Marjorie and Steve adamantly stand against these baseless rumors, their unwavering unity serves as a testament to their enduring love and unbreakable commitment. The couple continues to focus on nurturing their relationship, fostering a strong family dynamic, and pursuing their individual careers with determination and grace. As they navigate the storm of unsubstantiated gossip, their response serves as a powerful example of how to rise above negativity and maintain dignity in the face of adversity.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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