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MC Lyte Defends President Biden Over ‘Boy’ Comment During LL COOL J Tribute


MC Lyte has stepped up to defend President Joe Biden after he drew criticism for referring to LL COOL J as “boy” during a tribute. The incident occurred at the Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards, where Biden honored both LL COOL J and MC Lyte for their contributions to Hip Hop. While some criticized Biden for the comment, MC Lyte believes it was an honest mistake without malicious intent.

Taking to Instagram, MC Lyte expressed her respect and admiration for LL COOL J, calling him a pioneer in the industry. She highlighted his role in helping her craft some of her iconic rhymes and mentioned their shared participation in the Kennedy Center Honors tribute. She also thanked and honored LL COOL J for his contributions to Hip Hop.

Addressing the incident at the Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards, MC Lyte acknowledged that she doesn’t condone any form of disrespect, especially toward a beloved figure like LL COOL J. However, she shared her belief that President Biden’s comments were not made with ill intentions but were, in fact, a mistake.

MC Lyte drew attention to the historic significance of the moment, where both the President and Vice President of the United States publicly acknowledged and appreciated the monumental achievements of Hip Hop. She urged everyone to focus on this momentous occasion and the love shown to the genre by the nation’s leaders.

In conclusion, MC Lyte called for continued expressions of love and grace within the Hip Hop community and emphasized the importance of celebrating this significant milestone for the genre.

This incident follows LL COOL J’s recent participation in the National Christmas Tree lighting alongside President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the White House, further highlighting the rapper’s recognition and appreciation on a national scale.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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