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Miami Dolphins Star Tyreek Hill Faces Dual Paternity Lawsuits Amidst Record-Breaking NFL Season


In a surprising turn of events, Tyreek Hill, the explosive wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, is entangled in two separate paternity lawsuits from different women, both claiming he fathered their children this year. The legal battles reveal that Hill, already paying child support for three kids with his ex-fiancée, is now confronted with demands for a more substantial share of his $30 million salary from the two new mothers.

The first woman, Brittany Lackner, alleges that Hill offered a meager $2,500 a month in child support for their son, Soul Corazon Hill, born in February. Lackner deems this amount insufficient, considering Hill’s hefty salary. The second woman, Kimberly Baker, joined the legal fray in May, asserting that Hill is the father of her newborn daughter, Trae Love Hill, born in August 2022. Like Lackner, Baker also claims she is receiving $2,500 monthly but argues that the cost of caring for their child far exceeds this amount.

Hill, who recently tied the knot with influencer Keeta Vaccaro, finds himself navigating these legal battles during a standout NFL season where he’s on track to break records with 1,542 yards and 12 touchdowns. However, Hill’s past, marked by a guilty plea to domestic assault in 2015 and previous child abuse allegations, could potentially impact his bid for the coveted Most Valuable Player (MVP) title.

The legal saga unfolds as Hill seeks joint custody arrangements in Kansas, where he filed a counter-petition. The lawsuits, if successful, could significantly increase the $13,500 he already pays monthly for the support of his three children with his ex-partner. As the legal battles continue, Hill faces not only on-field challenges but also personal and financial scrutiny that may shape his legacy both in and out of the NFL.

Written by:

Dana Sterling-Editor


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