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Nicki Minaj Offers College Tuition Support to Heroic Teen Amid Controversial Chicago Incident

Renowned rapper Nicki Minaj has made a generous offer to cover the college tuition fees for a courageous Chicago teenager who took a man’s life while defending his mother. Minaj took to social media on Tuesday to express her admiration for the 14-year-old boy’s actions and extend her support.

In her post, the Barbie rapper wrote, “That 14-year-old boy who fearlessly stepped up to protect his mother from a grown man assaulting her is a true hero. If he wishes to pursue higher education, I would be delighted to assist. It is what any son should have done for their mother. She raised an exceptional young man, and she should be immensely proud.”

The incident occurred at the Maxwell Street Express restaurant around 11 p.m. on June 18. According to the police, the teenager’s mother, identified as Hood, was waiting in line for her food when a 32-year-old man named Jeremy Brown entered the establishment, sparking an argument. It is important to note that Hood and Brown were not acquainted with each other prior to the incident.

Hood allegedly texted her son, who was waiting in the car, informing him of the escalating situation. Cell phone footage captured the teenager standing in the restaurant doorway as his mother engaged in a heated exchange with Brown.

When Brown physically assaulted Hood by striking her twice in the head, the quick-thinking teen retrieved a firearm from his hoodie pocket and opened fire in self-defense. Brown staggered out of the restaurant and into the parking lot, pursued by Hood and her son. Tragically, Brown succumbed to his injuries, with the cause of death determined as two gunshot wounds to the back.

Disturbingly, Hood then allegedly instructed her son to shoot Brown’s girlfriend, who had been present during the incident and  was reportedly laughing and provoking the situation. An arrest affidavit indicates that Hood attempted to take the gun from her son, but he resisted her efforts.

Hood and her son subsequently fled the scene in her vehicle. However, they turned themselves in to the police on June 21. Both were arrested and charged with felony murder, with Hood also facing an additional charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Hood’s bond was set at $3 million during a hearing on Thursday, requiring a cash payment of 10% ($300,000) for her potential release.

During the hearing, Judge Barbara Dawkins remarked that the threat had ceased the moment Brown fled the restaurant with a gunshot wound. The judge opined that the incident could be viewed differently during the trial, but at that particular moment, it did not constitute defense of others but rather first-degree murder.

It is important to note that neither Hood nor her son have prior criminal records. Furthermore, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx later dropped murder charges against Hood and her 14-yearold son, recognizing the complexities of the situation.

However, following the dropped charges, Carlisha Hood, the mother, filed a lawsuit on Monday, asserting four counts of malicious prosecution, false arrest, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit aims to address the harm caused to Hood and her family’s reputation as a result of the wrongful charges. In response, a lawsuit has also been filed against the city.

As this complex case continues to unfold, Nicki Minaj’s offer of college tuition support has garnered significant attention, highlighting the importance of recognizing acts of bravery and thepotential impact of mentorship and educational opportunities for young individuals involved in challenging circumstances.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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