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NLE Choppa’s Mom Seeks Help in Locating Her Son


The worried mother of rising rap star NLE Choppa, Angela Potts, has taken to social media, urging the public for assistance in locating her son. NLE Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, has been out of contact for several hours, causing understandable concern for his well-being.

In her heartfelt plea, Potts reaches out to anyone who may have information about her son’s whereabouts, asking them to contact her immediately. Her public appeal raises questions about what may have caused NLE Choppa’s sudden disappearance and if there are underlying reasons for his absence.

Potts’s message conveys her anxiety and frustration. She notes that her son expressed intentions of returning to Cottonwood, a place they had strived hard to escape, all for the sake of a mixtape. This unexpected decision to return to a challenging environment, coupled with the radio silence from the rapper, has left Potts deeply concerned. While she acknowledges that she has not been able to reach him for hours, she emphasizes that this behavior is entirely out of character for NLE Choppa. Her plea also carries a message of faith, praying that God guides her son in whatever endeavors he is currently involved in.

Angela Potts directly addresses her son in her message, urging him to reach out. She states, “If anyone hears from him, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP! To his fans, I thank you for your continued support.” It is evident that her primary concern is the safety and well-being of her son. Interestingly, NLE Choppa’s management team has also issued a call to fans through his Instagram story. They have asked fans to get in touch with Angela if they have any information regarding the rapper’s whereabouts, further underlining the seriousness of the situation.

The reasons behind NLE Choppa’s sudden absence are shrouded in uncertainty. His mother’s appeal, coupled with the actions of his management, has left fans and followers equally concerned about the young artist. The situation is still developing, and we will closely monitor any updates to provide further insight into the matter.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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