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Pharrell’s Unexpected Journey: From Music to Menswear Marvel at Louis Vuitton


In an exclusive and candid interview with British GQ for their upcoming September Hype issue, Pharrell Williams delves into the depths of his personal and professional journey. The 50-year-old Down In Atlanta rapper-turned-fashion maestro opens up about his unexpected ascent to the coveted role of creative director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, shedding light on his Parisian life, future endeavors, and the profound influence of his predecessor, Virgil Abloh.

Scheduled to grace newsstands on August 29th, with an early online release, the issue offers an intimate glimpse into Pharrell’s thoughts and aspirations. Discussing his groundbreaking role with Louis Vuitton, the “Happy” singer shares a moment of disbelief, recalling the offer with a chuckle, “‘It wasn’t an interview or anything,’ Pharrell told the outlet, ‘It was like, ‘Will you accept this position? Will you accept this appointment?’ I’m looking at the water and I’m just like, ‘What?’”

While embarking on this transformative journey, Pharrell remains grounded in his admiration for Virgil Abloh. The passing of the iconic creative director in 2021 left a significant void, yet Pharrell is committed to preserving his legacy. Emphasizing his dedication to honoring Virgil’s legacy, Pharrell declares, ‘I’ll always pay homage to [Virgil],’ infusing his work at the renowned French luxury fashion house with a profound sense of respect and reverence.

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Pharrell remains remarkably humble in the face of his remarkable achievements. Reflecting on his newfound role, he confesses, ‘I never thought it would be me.’ Pharrell’s involvement with Louis Vuitton’s menswear underwent a serendipitous evolution, initially envisioning Nigo as the successor. However, his insightful contributions and behind-the-scenes guidance positioned him as the frontrunner.

Beyond his musical and fashion ventures, Pharrell exhibits his visionary prowess. As a refreshing departure from mundane pursuits, he unveils his ambitious plan for Louis Vuitton’s menswear lines. Emphatically stating, ‘We’re not going to just do things just to make money,’ he envisions a dynamic shift in approach, aiming to redefine norms and transcend conventional boundaries. With a metaphorical flourish, he compares his mission to ‘shaking the tree’ to savor the sweetest fruits of creativity.

Pharrell’s remarkable synergy with Louis Vuitton’s vision extends beyond financial success. Drawing parallels between growth and elevated standards, he embodies the brand’s aspirations for holistic progress. Demonstrating unwavering confidence, he proclaims, ‘The money follows that,’ underscoring his belief in the profound impact of genuine growth.

The appointment of Pharrell as creative director garnered praise from Louis Vuitton’s CEO, Pietro Beccari, who acclaimed his innate ability to weave his ‘Midas touch’ into both music and business ventures. As the Moncler Lunettes creator continues to make waves, he remains dedicated to preserving Virgil Abloh’s influence, ensuring that the fashion house’s connection to skateboarding thrives.

In an inspiring ode to creativity and collaboration, Pharrell’s journey from music sensation to Louis Vuitton’s menswear visionary is a testament to resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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