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Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer Released: Defiant Message Sparks Outrage


The alleged killer of the late rapper Pop Smoke, King Vermont Raskel, was recently released from a juvenile detention center, triggering a wave of anger among Pop Smoke’s fans as images of Raskel celebrating on social media surfaced.

The 21-year-old marked his freedom by daring his rivals, stating, “Come take a shot,” in a bold and provocative move just days after the tragic killing of aspiring rapper Julio Foolio outside a Holiday Inn in Florida.

Raskel, known by the Instagram handle @Vblockstarrr3, not only reposted news of his release but also directed reporters to contact his manager for interviews, showing a lack of remorse or concern for the situation.

Back in 2020, at the age of 16, Raskel’s crew was allegedly involved in the fatal shooting of Pop Smoke during a party at the rapper’s Airbnb in Los Angeles. Another 18-year-old individual charged in the shooting has already confessed to the crime in juvenile court.

Despite this admission, the trial for the remaining defendants, including Corey Walker, faced delays as plea negotiations failed to reach a resolution. Walker, who was 15 at the time of the incident, acknowledged his involvement in Pop Smoke’s murder, a case that also included charges of home-invasion robbery and firearm discharge.

The release and unabashed attitude of King Vermont Raskel, coupled with the unresolved legal proceedings, have reignited the controversy surrounding Pop Smoke’s tragic death and the pursuit of justice for the beloved rapper.

Written by
Derek Chan


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