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Rapper Beenie Man Brings Unexpected Concert to Delayed Flight Passengers, Showcasing Versatility and Vibrancy


Passengers on a recent flight were in for an unexpected treat as renowned rapper Beenie Man transformed a runway delay into an impromptu concert. The Jamaican artist, sporting a distinctive all-white ensemble topped with his signature Kangol cap, exited the first-class cabin to engage with fellow travelers. With an air of charisma, he embarked on a lively performance that captured the attention of all onboard.

Beenie Man’s interactive show began with a call-and-response segment, initiating a synchronized chorus of “Oh na na na na” that reverberated throughout the cabin. Seamlessly transitioning, he segued into his hit track “Romie,” prompting an eruption of passengers singing in harmony. The spontaneous nature of the performance encouraged some to rise from their seats and record the memorable event on their phones.

Engaging the crowd with his unmistakable energy, Beenie Man playfully challenged his audience with the lyrics, “So if I say, Sim Simma, who got the keys to the Bimmer, who am I?” The collective response, “The girls dem sugar!” resonated throughout the aircraft, infusing the atmosphere with enthusiasm.

As swiftly as he appeared, the rapper returned to the first-class area, leaving passengers with a lingering sense of excitement. The captivating inflight entertainment marked the culmination of Beenie Man’s return journey to Jamaica after a triumphant five-show tour in the UK. The tour saw him captivating audiences in iconic cities like Birmingham and London, while his performance at the esteemed Boomtown fair in Ovington left an indelible mark.

Amidst the exhilarating tour, Beenie Man is fervently promoting his upcoming 17th studio album, aptly titled ‘Simma,’ scheduled for release on August 31. The album stands as a highly anticipated follow-up to his 2016 release ‘Unstoppable.’ Distinguished by its diverse and eclectic offerings, ‘Simma’ seamlessly blends dancehall, reggae, afrobeats, and drill, showcasing the artist’s remarkable versatility.

A star-studded lineup of collaborators has contributed to the creation of ‘Simma,’ including Busy Signal, Patoranking, Giggs, Ms Banks, Mya, Hood Celebrityy, Dexta Daps, Shenseea, Bunji Garlin, Shaggy, Popcaan, Dre Island, Morgan Heritage, Sean Paul, Charly Black, Anthony Red Rose, Louie Culture, Stonebwoy, and Backroad Gee. The album’s expansive scope and multifaceted compositions underscore Beenie Man’s dedication to exploring new genres while staying true to his musical roots.

Reflecting on the forthcoming album, Beenie Man expressed, “Simma signifies that I am still here and doing what I love best, which is music.” With his runway performance capturing the spontaneity and vibrancy that define his artistry, fans can anticipate an album that mirrors the artist’s enduring passion and creativity. As the release date approaches, the music world eagerly awaits the arrival of ‘Simma,’ poised to celebrate the next chapter in Beenie Man’s remarkable journey.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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