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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Arrested in Florida Amidst ‘Failing to Appear’ Charges


Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, also known as Daniel Hernandez, has found himself in legal trouble once again, this time for ‘failing to appear’. The 27-year-old rap artist was taken into custody in Palm Beach County, Florida, where he was booked into jail on Wednesday night. He was later released after spending three hours in custody, as reported by the Sun. Despite his usual social media presence, 6ix9ine has remained silent about the recent arrest, with his most recent Instagram story merely promoting a line of vapes.

This incident follows closely after an attack on the rapper in an LA Fitness gym’s men’s locker room in south Florida, four months ago. The assault left him hospitalized with severe injuries, including gashes, bruises, and swelling on his jaw, ribs, and back. The assailants, who assaulted 6ix9ine, labeled him a ‘rat’ and boasted about the attack on social media platforms. Videos of the incident circulated online, revealing a disturbing scene as the attackers kicked and punched him while taunting their actions.

6ix9ine’s history has been marked by controversy, particularly stemming from his decision to cooperate with prosecutors in 2018. This move earned him the label of a ‘snitch’ within the rap community, as he testified in exchange for a reduced prison sentence. Originally facing a potential 47-year prison term for charges including racketeering, firearm possession, armed robbery, and attempted murder, he served just two years behind bars due to the plea deal.

The reasons behind the recent Florida attack remain unclear, but 6ix9ine’s notoriety and past actions have left him with no shortage of adversaries. MailOnline has reached out to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for comment, and further efforts are underway to contact representatives of Tekashi 6ix9ine for their response to the situation. This latest arrest continues to fuel the ongoing saga surrounding the controversial rapper’s life and legal entanglements.

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