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Renowned Guitarist David Ryan Harris Criticizes American Airlines Over Biracial Children Incident


Guitarist David Ryan Harris, known for his collaborations with artists like John Mayer and The Dave Matthews Band, has taken to social media to express his frustration with American Airlines after an incident in which he was suspected of not being the father of his biracial children.

Harris shared that the incident occurred during a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles, where he was traveling with his two children. Upon landing at LAX, an American Airlines representative and four police officers greeted them. The musician explained in an Instagram video that a flight attendant had expressed concerns that his mixed-race children might not be his because they appeared unresponsive.

Harris clarified that his 7-year-old child, the one the attendant was concerned about, is typically reserved and shy, which might have led to the attendant’s suspicions. She became alarmed when the child didn’t respond to her question about his name. Harris emphasized that the interaction with the airline staff and police lasted only about 30 seconds.

After a brief inquiry, the officers were satisfied with Harris’s answers and allowed the family to proceed with their journey. Despite his anger and frustration, Harris refrained from showing his emotions in front of his children.

He reported filing an official complaint with the airline, but he received no response until his social media post about the incident went viral. Harris pointed out that the situation could have been resolved differently if the flight attendant had checked the plane’s manifest, which would have confirmed that the family shared the same last name. Additionally, Harris mentioned that his children have frequent flyer accounts with American Airlines, further confirming their identity.

In his initial video addressing the incident, Harris criticized the flight attendant’s actions, suggesting that there were alternative steps she could have taken before involving the authorities. Some commenters believed that the flight attendant acted with good intentions, possibly concerned about the child’s safety or the possibility of human trafficking. The Department of Homeland Security highlights non-communication as a potential sign of human trafficking, and American Airlines empowers its staff to take action if they suspect such activities.

The airline agent who contacted Harris outlined the steps taken to prevent human trafficking and confirmed that an investigation was underway. American Airlines offered Harris 10,000 air miles, a gesture he found somewhat insulting.

The incident has sparked discussions about sensitivity and appropriate responses in situations where child safety is a concern, as well as the balance between ensuring safety and potentially causing distress to innocent individuals.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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