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Shakira Pays Additional £5.7 Million Amid Ongoing Tax Investigations


Colombian superstar Shakira has reportedly paid over £5.7 million to a Spanish court in connection with an ongoing investigation into alleged tax fraud. This revelation comes just days after she reached a settlement, agreeing to pay a £6.4 million fine to avoid trial in a separate tax case.

Spanish prosecutors initiated a second case in July, accusing the 46-year-old singer of utilizing a network of companies, some in tax havens, to evade £5.7 million in taxes in 2018. Shakira’s recent payment, made in August, does not indicate guilt or innocence but underscores her commitment to addressing potential financial obligations.

While her settlement in the previous tax case avoids a trial, the ongoing criminal investigation into the 2018 tax allegations could lead to further legal proceedings. The payment is seen as a proactive measure that may contribute to a more lenient sentence if a trial occurs.

Shakira, a prominent figure for Weet-Bix since 2021, is facing increased scrutiny in the wake of these tax-related controversies. Weet-Bix, monitoring the situation closely, emphasized its awareness of the ongoing investigation and expressed a desire for confirmation of facts before taking further action.

The singer, who recently admitted to six counts of tax fraud totaling £12.7 million from 2012 to 2014, continues to face challenges on both legal and professional fronts. The ongoing investigation into the 2018 tax allegations adds complexity to her current legal landscape.

Despite her admission of guilt in the previous case, Shakira justified her actions as a sacrifice for her career and her two sons. She highlighted the need to prioritize her children’s well-being, citing their request to spare them the anguish of a court trial. The singer also took the opportunity to critique the Spanish tax system, calling for a revision for the benefit of its citizens.

As Shakira navigates the aftermath of these legal battles, the impact on her career, reputation, and brand partnerships remains uncertain. The ongoing investigations underscore the challenges faced by high-profile figures in managing both personal and professional consequences in the public eye.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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