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Stephanie Mills Stands in Solidarity: Charity Concert to Support Montgomery Boat Crew Defending Injustice


Montgomery, Alabama – In a powerful display of unity and support, renowned singer Stephanie Mills has stepped forward to lend her voice and aid to the valiant crew of the Harriott II Riverboat. The crew made headlines last week when they courageously came to the defense of dock captain Damien Pickett, who was subjected to an unjust attack by a group of white boaters.

The incident, which drew widespread attention, showcased the resilience and determination of the boat crew as they rallied together to protect their colleague and stand against racial injustice. As the community rallied behind the crew and their unwavering commitment to justice, Stephanie Mills, a respected advocate for social change, has taken action to further their cause.

Mills, a Grammy-winning artist known not only for her sensational voice but also her dedication to causes that matter, has announced a charity concert aimed at supporting the Montgomery boat crew with their legal fees. This fundraising initiative underscores the importance of standing together in the face of adversity and amplifying the voices of those who champion equality and fairness.

The concert, scheduled to take place in Montgomery, will not only provide an opportunity for Mills’ fans to enjoy her exceptional talent but will also serve as a platform to raise funds and awareness for the boat crew’s legal battle. As the crew faces the aftermath of the incident, Mills’ unwavering commitment to justice aligns seamlessly with their fight for a fair and just resolution.

Stephanie Mills’ dedication to making a difference and using her platform to address social issues is evident in her decision to stand in solidarity with the Montgomery boat crew. The charity concert serves as a beacon of hope, symbolizing the power of collective action and the potential for positive change. As the community eagerly anticipates this meaningful event, the boat crew’s spirit of resilience continues to inspire and unite people from all walks of life.

Details about the charity concert, including the date, venue, and ticket information, will be announced in the coming weeks. With Stephanie Mills at the forefront, the event promises to not only raise essential funds but also shed light on the importance of supporting those who take a stand against injustice.

As the Montgomery boat crew’s fight for justice unfolds, Stephanie Mills’ involvement reinforces the idea that music, unity, and compassion can transcend adversity, fostering a world where equality and understanding prevail.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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